NEWS:SanDisk Officially Annouce The 200GB Memory Cards And They Cost 50 Thousand Naira

wpid-img20150625_202810-740x431 In March 2015 SanDisk announced the “world’s largest microSD” card which have 200GB . Not to he outdone by the expandable storage fanfare Microdia di announced its own 512GB card expected to be priced at 200 thousand Naira (Yes you read that right)

Today SanDisk has announced the 200GB microSD card available to purchase starting from today. It goes on sale for 50 Thousand Naira (The price of almost two Infinix Zero 2’s)

SanDisk 200GB memory cards are aimed at high-end video cameras, DSLRs and a newer phone that supports the SDXC standard (example is the LG G4 and HTC One M9)

Would you spend 10 thousand naira on a memory card let alone 50 thousand Naira? Tell us in the comment section below


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